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Intromath is a digitally interactive mathematics learning and assessment platform and homework management system. It is designed for a wide variety of streams of mathematics and statistics for business, finance, hospitality, tourism, technology, health sciences, and academic upgrading programs. The platform contains state-of-the art mathematics resources including assignments, quizzes, interactive learning simulations, e-textbooks, test banks, multimedia slide-decks, solution manuals, data visualizations and powerful administrative features to customize the teaching and learning experience with a strong alignment to the course curriculum requirements.

Intromath was designed as an assessment for learning platform that allows students to work before class, during class, and after class. This unique structure ensures that students are prepared, engaged, and have the tools to progress at their own pace toward success in their mathematics courses.


Intromath has hosts a variety of resources for various streams of mathematics, including textbooks/E-textbooks which contain numerous pedagogies and learning methods in addition to thousands of exercises and hundreds of solved examples.

The language used in the books is simple and straight-forward, while maintaining the required level of sophistication to thoroughly prepare students for the next stage in their academic and professional careers.

Numerous pedagogies and learning methods that have been developed and proven over 30 years are incorporated into the books. These pedagogies have succeeded in simplifying critical mathematical concepts and significantly improving retention of concepts. The alternative learning methods for solving problems have proven to be effective for students with a variety of learning styles.

The problems in the books are designed to test students on real-world, practical applications and are presented in increasing levels of difficulty. They are categorized into pairs of similar questions to provide professors with an opportunity to solve the even-numbered problems in class and assign the odd-numbered problems as homework.