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By connecting abstract concepts to their practical applications, our resources make the assessment and learning experience engaging for all students. Our Assessment for Learning resources help increase student retention and foster success at primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions, globally.
Through our variety of products and services, we deliver assessment and learning solutions that are designed and developed to fit the needs of all students, educators, and administrators.
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We are spearheading new and exciting assessment and learning models. We have also launched unparalleled educational resources that are transforming the assessment and learning experience for students across the world.
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We pay utmost attention to what our partners have to say. Our assessment and learning architects and pedagogy specialists design and develop resources in line with our shared mission of inspiring and empowering every learner in the world.
Frank Skill
Seneca College
“It is indeed the next generation of learning materials and mathematics of Financehas surely been transformed into an exciting subject!”
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Our assessment and learning resources are designed to engage all learners and prepare them for success in their academic careers and every day lives.
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10 000 Hours of Mathematics
Mastery-based Resources for Mathematics