We are proud to be a part of various organizations, events, and communities that are passionate about creating better learning and assessments technologies for all students. Below you can find where will be next and how you can connect with these communities.
We host a variety of webinars throughout the year that cover a range of topics such as best practices for learning and assessment technology, training sessions for our products, sessions on the latest mathematics trends hosted by leaders in the global math community and much more!
Elevate My Math: Bridging the Numeracy Gap
11:00 a.m April 7th 2021
Literacy and numeracy are two of the most important skills students need to be successful in their academic careers and everyday lives. However, there is a widening gap between the essential math skills students have and the ones they need to meet the recommended level of numeracy. Learn how the Elevate My Math platform is supporting learners across a range of education levels, institutions, and countries to successfully assess and improve students’ level of numeracy.
New Digitally-Enhanced Features Now Available on IntroMath.
11:00 a.m April 15th 2021
We have added a variety of new digital features, tools, and updates to the IntroMath system to make learning mathematics from home more engaging and less stressful for students. Learn how these new features can help your student succeed in their courses this year.
Using OER Resources to Make Math More Inclusive.
11:00 a.m March 3rd 2021
Implementing Open Education Resources (OERs) is becoming an increasingly viable option for educators across Canada. Learn how you can pair OER resources with Vretta’s IntroMath courseware platform to create a flexible, engaging, and inclusive mathematics learning experience for your students.
Supporting Highschool Students’ Numeracy Over the Summer.
3:00 p.m June 2nd 2021
The OCMT-HSE App diagnoses student math skills and provides them with targeted upgrading modules to help them be successful in their upcoming math course. Learn more about the OCMT App and how you can help your students succeed in their math courses this school year by upgrading their math skills during the summer!
Giving Back
We are proud to work alongside many different organizations, charities, and initiatives that are making a difference locally and around the world. Check out some of the amazing initiatives we are currently helping to support.
Opening Universities for Refugees (OUR)
In August 2018, Vretta, partnered with OUR (Opening Universities for Refugees) with the goal of providing students-in-need in refugee communities with access to digitally rich learning experiences in mathematics.

Vretta and OpenStax partnered to provide cost-effective and fully customizable digital resources for Technology Mathematics courses that include Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Algebra & Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus! As an OpenStaxAlly, our award-winning courseware platform, Intromath, is tightly aligned with OpenStax's OERs to offer affordable and customizable digital resources for student engagement in mathematics.

Humber Awards
Vretta supports students at Humber’s students through the Mathematics Award. Presented to students in at Humber’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning who have demonstrated exceptional skills and abilities in Essentials of Business Math. The students receive a cash prize along with a certificate from Vretta for academic excellence.

Seneca Awards
Vretta supports Seneca College students through the Mathematics Award. This award was created for the students who have secured the highest marks in the Mathematics of Business and Finance course (MBF101 and MBF100). The students receive a cash prize along with a certificate from Vretta for academic excellence. Each award is available for the fall semester and the winter semester. In the event of a tie, the award will go to the recipient with the higher overall GPA.

Seneca HELIX
Seneca HELIX has partnered with Vretta to support young entrepreneurs through their journey of building and leading successful ventures. The focus of this partnership is to foster increased innovation at HELIX, Seneca’s on-campus incubator, and provide global entrepreneurial experiences to students through knowledge-sharing and mentoring.

Educator and Leadership institute (ELI) Haiti
n August 2019, the Educator & Leadership Institute (ELI) was in Cap-Haitian, Haiti where they provided a series of courses and workshops focused on supporting the Cap-Haitian teaching and learning community. This year Vretta, a leading educational technology company and recent partner of ELI, was honoured to be invited to support the mission of ELI.

The Career Foundation
Partnered with The Career Foundation and launched to raise the level of numeracy for candidates entering the job market. Vretta is a platinum sponsor of the Career Foundation; helping to support their charitable mission of connecting job seekers with employers.