Vretta’s learning resources provides instructors and learners with a unique assessment for learning experience. Through interactive digital lessons, textbooks/eTextbooks, quizzes and a customizable online assignment/lab system, Vretta’s learning resources provide an end-to-end learning solution fora wide range streams in mathematics and literacy.
assessment for learning
Vretta’s eTextbooks use real world examples and problems to help students connect the concepts they learn to their practical applications. The language used is simple and straight-forward, while maintaining the levels of sophistication required to thoroughly prepare students for the next stage in their academic and professional careers.
Connecting abstract concepts to practical applications.
Assignments and Tests
Assignments and tests can be customized by the instructors or administrators to create a secure and accessible environment for administering in-class or remote assessments.
Custom e-assessments for any level or environment.
Through a step-by-step, mastery approach, Vretta’s online lessons allow students to learn core concepts. The lessons contain numerous pedagogies that break-down concepts into micro-steps which help students to visualize, conceptualize, and enjoy the learning process.
Interactive lessons that are always engaging.
Vretta’s dashboards provide a real-time visual understanding of individual students’ and overall class performance as they progress through the lessons and assessments. The dashboards are used by both students and professors to identify the areas of weakness, and to improve the in-class and self-study focus.
Real-time student data visualizations.