Vretta’s diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments are used for large-scale assessment purposes and classroom assessments in Numeracy and Literacy. These solutions include the ability to author, administer, and mark/score assessments, analyse student responses, and efficiently share results with students, instructor, parents/guardians, administrators, and policy makers.
assessment of learning
Vretta’s interactive authoring tools enable instructors, teachers, and administrations to create their own assessment items in an easy to use environment, allowing for custom e-assessments.
Custom e-Assessments, made easy.
Vretta’s online assessment system has in-depth reporting functionality that provides instructors and administrators with learners’ performance data on assessments, which can then be used to inform future instruction or policy decisions.
Detailed Reporting on learners’ progress.
Marking and Scoring
Vretta’s online assessment system has both human and automatic scoring capabilities, allowing for flexibility in the marking process depending on the implementation.
Intuitive Autograding paired with manual marking capabilities.
Vretta’s assessment system allows for the in-person and online proctoring of high-stakes assessments. These various monitoring methods increase the academic integrity of the assessments.
Secure proctoring for in-person and online assessments.