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Vretta-Lyryx: Merging Best Practices and Technologies to Support Student Success

March 31, 2023

Vretta-Lyryx: Merging Best Practices and Technologies to Support Student Success


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On March 31, 2023, Vretta’s higher education division and Lyryx Learning merged to create a more comprehensive and progressive education technology company called Vretta-Lyryx.

Vretta’s higher education division (for 13 years) and Lyryx Learning (for 23 years) have been supporting the success of students at post-secondary institutions across Canada, the USA, and the UK. Both companies have been globally recognized for providing institutions, educators, and students with high quality innovative assessment solutions and educational resources.

This merger will bring together the wealth of experience, resources, and capabilities of both companies, resulting in an extended product and feature portfolio, shared best practices, stronger support, and expert personnel. Vretta-Lyryx will be uniquely positioned to serve the academic needs of institutions nationally and internationally.

“By joining efforts, Lyryx and Vretta will be in a much better position to continue offering advanced, affordable, and accessible educational solutions for every student”, says Claude Laflamme, CEO of Lyryx Learning, recognizing the potential benefits to its users. Anand Karat, President and CEO of Vretta adds “The combined expertise and best practices will help us accelerate the advancements in technology and products to meet the evolving needs of today’s wide variety of learners”.

With resources in Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, and Economics, Vretta-Lyryx is well positioned to retain its leadership in supporting innovation in quantitative courses at the higher educational level. Join us while we start this exciting new chapter.


About Vretta

Vretta is a leading provider of modernized assessment and learning solutions that support the success of students in primary, secondary, and postsecondary educational levels. Through partnerships with ministries of education and academic institutions, Vretta has designed, developed, and implemented large-scale formative and summative assessments at the national and provincial/state level, including implementations of assessment for learning models for classroom applications. These implementations have been recognized by prestigious awarding organizations for the best transformative project, the best use of summative assessments, the best use of formative assessments, and the best advance in competencies and skills development. Visit to learn more.

About Lyryx Learning

Lyryx Learning is a leading provider of Open Education Resources (OER) coupled with innovative assessments for students in accounting, economics, mathematics, and statistics. Their mission to provide affordable, accessible, and high-quality classroom assessments and learning resources has saved students over $17 million at 241 institutions across North America. Lyryx is highly reputed for advancing learning by making it personalized, affordable, and seamless through their sophisticated item responses, their customized open e-textbooks, and their exceptional support. Visit to learn more.

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