Technical Mathematics

Our Technical Mathematics resource includes interactive lessons and algorithmic assessments to provide students of technology and engineering programs with an engaging Assessment for Learning experience. It has been developed in partnership with professors from Humber College.

The interactive lessons are modular in nature and can be customized to the requirements of the course.

Mastery-based Learning

Topics are broken down to micro-steps for students to visualize and conceptualize and engage with mathematics.

Various types of interactive practice scenarios with feedback mechanisms help students master concepts.

Individualized Learning

Students can progress through the modules and master concepts at their own pace.

Differentiated Learning

Provides teachers with the ability to use the modules in class, or assign them as homework, to enrich the learning experience.

The assessment items are part of the platform. The items are both constructed response (written) and selected response (multiple choice) type. The former provides a more reliable estimate of student ability than the latter because guessing is eliminated and the use of a computerized format enables a range of acceptable responses to be established for each item.

Vretta’s dashboards provide a real-time visual understanding of individual student and overall class performance as they progress through the lessons and assessments. The dashboards are used by both students and professors to identify the areas of weakness, and to improve the in-class and self-study focus.

The assessment dashboard provides the highest mark and average mark secured on every question. This helps to identify the specific questions that an individual student or the entire class is having difficulty understanding.

The lesson dashboard provides the completion mark on every lesson. This helps to identify the specific concept that an individual student or the entire class is having difficulty understanding.

Professors can use the dashboard to export grades into their grade book.

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