DTab is a mobile assessment platform that houses interactive assessments in English and French, and can be deployed on tablets to be used for large-scale testing in an offline environment.

DTab is developed by Vretta through collaborative efforts between content, technology, and research experts from the French Ministry of Education (Division of Evaluation, Planning and Performance).

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Limited bandwidth is a common challenge faced by most schools, especially at the primary level where internet connectivity is usually restricted or limited for a variety of reasons. DTab is designed as a large scale interactive assessment platform that functions in an offline environment. A custom data structure allows for the offline collection of data. DTab can be installed on tablets that are distributed to students. After completing the assessment, wi-fi is enabled to synchronize the data from the tablet to the online data structure that is accessible to administrators for the purpose of evaluation.

Students of young ages in elementary schools may not usually have the required experience working with a mouse and keyboard and may also find it difficult to read fluently. DTab houses assessment items that not only interactive, but also voice-enabled. They provide students with step-by-step on-screen guidance to work through the items. There are also built-in tutorials for students to understand how to use the various digital tools.

DTab has been built to provide educators with the ability to use built-in interactive tools to create their own assessment items.

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