Software Developer

Our high-growth educational technology company is seeking a Software Developer to implement, test and maintain interaction systems that support student learning in class and at home.


  • Solid experience with Angular JS and at least one object-oriented language
  • Proven ability to bring design concepts to life with a keen sense for intuitive interactions
  • Ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to other technical staff members.
  • Superior time management skills, multitasking skills, and the ability to prioritize tasks with minimal supervision.
  • High level of critical and logical thinking, analysis, and/or reasoning to identify underlying principles, reasons, or facts.

Job Duties

  • Create code, and test major features in collaboration with Instructional Designers, Data Engineers, and other members of the development and technical team to deliver projects.
  • Use existing code components to implement into new projects
  • Maintain and modify existing applications.
  • Debug, test, and deploy software implementations.
  • Interact with key partners and internal users regarding timelines, technical issues, and infrastructure integration.
  • Provide recommendations for improvements in the overall development process.
  • Ensure work progress to schedule and keep (internal) customers informed of project the progress.
  • Stay current with relevant research, techniques, technology and other factors impacting the job.

Experience with following is considered to be an asset:

  • Git
  • TypeScript, ES6, WebPack, HTML5 Canvas
  • PixiJS, OpenFL, Swift
  • Event streams
  • Compiler optimisation
  • Asset management
  • Animation and sequencing logic
  • Decision trees, pathfinding and other soft-AI techniques

Job Location:

  • Toronto, ON


Vretta is a global education technology company that creatively utilizes cutting-edge technologies to design and develop interactive learning and testing resources that are transforming the way students learn mathematics. Our vision is a world where everyone enjoys math.

We collaborate with schools, colleges, universities, and ministries around the world to re-imagine what really matters for students in the 21st century to ensure that every student acquires meaningful quantitative skills that will serve them in their lives and professions. Our resources are being used by the majority of academic institutions in Canada, while rising strongly as an effective tool for Math education in North America and Europe. We believe that students will live smarter if they have a strong foundation in mathematics and we strive, every day, to build educational solutions that make math meaningful and exciting for every learner.

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