April 25, 2015 Vretta

Instructional Designer (Mathematics)

Vretta is looking for creative people to join the interactive media team. As members of the interactive media team, instructional designers bring the agility of mind to absorb and digest learning content, re-synthesize, and present it with a fresh approach, using cutting edge tools offered by the technology team as leverage.

Here are the responsibilities and qualifications of candidates who may qualify for this position:


  • Create blueprints for production of videos and media rich learning experiences for various content streams of mathematics.
  • Work closely with subject matter experts to translate their content to interactive digital design.
  • Brainstorm with instructional designers and subject matter experts to design learning tools, interactive pedagogy, and games.
  • Build interactive teaching content while adhering to the scope and requirements of curricula.


  • Creative writing skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge of foundational to intermediate level mathematics.
  • Highly motivated, personable and works well in cross-functional teams.
  • Genuine enthusiasm for education would be fantastic!
  • Teaching / tutoring experience in Mathematics is a great asset.
  • Knowledge of French, Spanish, German or Portuguese is an asset.

Note: All candidates selected for this position will be provided with training.


Vretta is a global education technology company that creatively utilizes cutting-edge technologies to design and develop interactive learning and testing resources that are transforming the way students learn mathematics. Our vision is a world where everyone enjoys math.

We collaborate with schools, colleges, universities, and ministries around the world to re-imagine what really matters for students in the 21st century to ensure that every student acquires meaningful quantitative skills that will serve them in their lives and professions. Our resources are being used by the majority of academic institutions in Canada, while rising strongly as an effective tool for Math education in North America and Europe. We believe that students will live smarter if they have a strong foundation in mathematics and we strive, every day, to build educational solutions that make math meaningful and exciting for every learner.

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