Dec 20, 2015 Sean Saunders


I attended the 41 st annual AMATYC conference, which was held in New Orleans and had approximately 1,400 attendees from colleges across the country.

The three day conference was a rigorous series of back-to-back presentations and discussions on innovative ways of helping students with developmental mathematics, in addition to numerous other topics.

Through my presentation, I shared the challenges that we face with first year students who are coming to college with underdeveloped numeracy skills. To help these students succeed in their math courses, we successfully integrated Elevate My Math in our GAS Pre-Health program.

Anand Karat, from Vretta, also presented facts on the global drop in numeracy skills and the growing skill gap, with a focus on the United States. He also demonstrated, through a product demo, how Elevate My Math is playing a vital role in reducing this gap. This presentation concluded with many educators wanting to understand how they can use this online solution as a part of their curriculum and experience the same success that we are experiencing at Sheridan.

There were several other workshops at the conference which provided me with ideas for redesigning the curriculum of some of our current math courses, engaging students to think more critically about mathematical concepts by providing them with relevant/interactive case problems, and introducing more opportunities for creativity and discovery in class.

Overall, the conference provided college math professors from across North America with a unique and invaluable opportunity to network with one another and to share best practices and strategies for classroom engagement, curriculum development, and student success.

Sean Saunders, M.Sc.

Professor of Mathematics

School of Social and Life Sciences

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sheridan College

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