August 20 2019 Jacob Pucar

Skills Forward and Vretta Collaborate to Provide High-Quality Digital Learning and Assessment Resources for Students in the United Kingdom

Skills Forward and Vretta collaborate to provide high-quality assessments, learning resources, and summative assessments to transform how organisations approach Functional Skills, GCSE and the employability skills development of learners in the UK.

Skills Forward is one of the UK's leading eLearning assessment solution providers for Functional Skills and GCSE (The General Certificate of Secondary Education). The Skills Forward digital learning and development platform is used by colleges, training providers, and employers who want accurate visibility of learner progress across a variety of work-based learning programmes and to digitally capture evidence of a learner's skills, knowledge and occupational competency. Last year, they provided over 2.9 million assessments to the post-16 employability and skills sector.

Vretta is an award-winning EdTech leader that is breaking the mould of teaching and learning through its engaging, flexible, and affordable resources. Through their collaborations with educators across the world, they are reshaping the learning experiences for students and ensuring that they acquire meaningful skills that serve them in their lives and professions.

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