September 1 2018 Jacob Pucar

Vretta & OUR (Opening Universities for Refugees) Partner to Provide Students with Digitally Rich Learning Experiences in Mathematics

In August 2018, Vretta, partnered with OUR (Opening Universities for Refugees) with the goal of providing students-in-need in refugee communities with access to digitally rich learning experiences in mathematics.

OUR is a charitable organization designed to provide higher education technology and resources to displaced or refugees communities. By partnering with education technology providers and helping to foster a culture of openness and inclusiveness within Universities around the world, OUR seeks to give these communities the tools and resources they require to meet their higher education needs.

Vretta’s partnership with OUR is one more step in the direction of realizing OUR’s vision of restoring dignity and hope to communities in crisis. By allowing OUR to provide these communities access to their higher education resources and Assessment-for-Learning digital platforms, Vretta hopes to empower these communities and help them acquire the numeracy skills that they need to be successful in their academic lives and beyond.

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