June 12, 2017 Betty Pratt


For many years, we were very comfortable using McGraw’s Business Mathematics textbook, written by Jerome, and Lyryx Labs.

In 2011, when we were introduced to Vretta’s Mathematics of Business and Finance textbook and online resources, I was a little skeptical of this new blended method of teaching business and finance math. However, after a thorough review conducted by our textbook review committee, we saw value in the textbook and online resources and decided to adopt them to teach all our full-time math for business and math for finance courses. These resources have since proven to be a highly effective way to teach our students.

The combination of online lessons/labs with the classroom experience is a huge advantage, because it caters to the diverse student audience with varied learning styles that we have in these courses. The online lessons are especially beneficial for students with English as a second language, which constitutes almost 57% of our student population.

Our students have been giving us very positive feedback on their learning experience. They comment that with these resources, they can learn at their own pace, especially before quizzes and exams. The engaging overview that each online lesson provides, improves the student's attention level in class and reduces their fear of mathematics. As the subject leader, I have found that Vretta's support staff has been extremely prompt and helpful. They work closely with me and my faculty to ensure that we are all effectively using the resources to obtain the most from them. They are also very responsive to instructor and student feedback, to perfect this learning experience for our students and teaching experience for my faculty.

Betty Pratt, Seneca College

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