We keep our partners informed and updated on the innovation that we are bringing to the EdTech industry. On this blog page, you will learn about our collaborations, recognition, and reflection of our involvement in the assessment and learning community around the world.

Vretta supports Seneca students during the pandemic

6 May, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect students at Seneca: seventy-nine per cent are experiencing financial hardship, three out of four h...
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Vretta Named 2021 CODiE Award Finalist for Best Foundational Mathematics Instructional Solution - MathemaTIC earns prestigious industry recognition

4 May, 2021

Vretta, a multi-award winning EdTech company, today announced that MathemaTIC was named a 2021 SIIA CODiE Award finalist in the Best Foundat...
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Vretta Sponsors The Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment Award at the e-Assessment Award Ceremony

1 May, 2021

Since the early 1990s, institutions around the world have been conducting many experiments to bring innovation into the development and deli...
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Vretta and the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) Partner to Strengthen Numeracy Skills for Players

18 April, 2021

Vretta is a global leader in the online learning and assessment space, delivering interactive courses through ministries of education, acade...
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Vretta and Wiquid Collaborate to Deliver Portable Custom Interactions for Large-scale E-Assessment

5 April, 2021

With the increase in demand for technology-enhanced items (TEIs) for large-scale e-assessment that are interoperable (to enable sharing asse...
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Vretta Achieves System and Organization Controls (SOC) Security Compliance Standards

1 February, 2021

System and Organization Controls (SOC), defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), are rigorous security com...
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A Partnership to Raise the Proficiency in Mathematics for New Teachers through NASBTT’s School-based Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Providers

24 September, 2020

With the recent educational policy changes, teacher trainer organizations in England have the added responsibility of ensuring the literacy ...
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Vretta Achieves ISO/IEC 27001 Certification for their Information Security Management System

4 August, 2020

The ISO/IEC 27001 is a leading international standard that is focused on the information security established and maintained by organization...
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Vretta’s Intromath wins the Best Use of Formative Assessment from the Prestigious International e-Assessment Association

12 April, 2020

Vretta’s courseware platform, Intromath, wins the Best Use of Formative Assessment Award at the International e-Assessment Award Ceremony in...
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Vretta, Humber College, and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education recognized by the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Group

22 August, 2019

Vretta, along with Humber College and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education, were once again recognized for the implementation and the impact...
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OpenStax and Vretta Partner to Distribute OER Print Textbooks for Canadian Students

20 July, 2019

OpenStax and Vretta have partnered to distribute high-quality OER print textbooks to institutions and students across Canada....
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The University of Derby becomes Vretta’s first Academic Hub in the UK to Support Student Success in Mathematics

22 April, 2019

After a successful study of the impact of Vretta’s Elevate My Maths programme on students’ maths skills at the College of Engineering and Te...
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Vretta’s resources provide a flexible and safe learning space for students to practice mathematics

17 April, 2019

I believe that creating a successful learning experience means meeting each learner at their individual skill level....
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Solving real world challenges with venture and design thinking.

15 April, 2019

Seneca HELIX has partnered with Vretta to support young entrepreneurs through their journey of building and leading successful ventures....
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Vretta Partners with the Durham College’s AI/Hub to Support Student Engagement

9 April, 2019

Vretta is excited to partner with the AI/Hub, Durham College’s Hub for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence for Business Solutions, t...
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Mathematic Wins the App-based Game Award for its Engaging Game-based Design and Impact on Student Success in Luxembourg

15 October, 2018

Vretta and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education won the App-Based Game Group Award during the 6th International Educational Games Competitio...
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Vretta and Humber win coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Addressing the Numeracy Gap through Immersive Technology Solutions

6 September, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that Vretta, alongside Humber College, has received a gold award from the prestigious Brandon Hall Group in the ...
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Vretta & OUR (Opening Universities for Refugees) Partner to Provide Students with Digitally Rich Learning Experiences in Mathematics

1 September, 2018

In August 2018, Vretta, partnered with OUR (Opening Universities for Refugees) with the goal of providing students-in-need in refugee commun...
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Vretta, Humber College, and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education Win Two Brandon Hall Excellence Gold Awards

28 August, 2018

Vretta, along with Humber College and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education, were recognized for the implementation and the impact of their A...
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Gamified, Large-Scale Formative Assessment, MathleTIC, Engages Students Across Luxembourg

26 July, 2018

The Luxembourg Ministry of Education (SCRIPT), in partnership with Vretta, the French Ministry of Education (DEPP) and leading testing and s...
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Making Fractions Fun For Students In Grade 7

17 June, 2018

With over 14 years of teaching mathematics to students in Grade 7 and 8 in Luxembourg, Yvan Kieffer has been committed to discovering method...
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Vretta, the Luxembourg Ministry of Education and the French Ministry of Education: Winners of three awards at the e-Assessment Award ceremony in London, UK

19 April, 2018

Vretta, with their partners the Luxembourg Ministry of National Education and the French Ministry of Education, won two major awards at the ...
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A Tribute to an Eminent Mathematician - Maryam Mirzakhani

16 July, 2017

This weekend we lost an influential figure in the world of mathematics, Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win the Fields Medal for Mathe...
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From Math to Mayor

17 June, 2017

The mayor of Woodstock, Ontario isn’t called the “Coolest Mayor East of the Rockies” for nothing....
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The online lessons are especially beneficial for students with English as a second language.

11 June, 2017

For many years, we were very comfortable using McGraw’s Business Mathematics textbook, written by Jerome, and Lyryx Labs....
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OAME 2017 - and now for something completely different

31 May, 2017

Reflecting on the sessions that I had the opportunity to attend at OAME 2017, I have found that there was an unplanned theme running through...
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More practice via Vretta’s interactive lessons and labs resulted in more student success.

22 May, 2017

The Mathematics for Business and Finance resource from Vretta is very thorough. The online resources, specifically, add A LOT to our student...
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The ability to customize Vretta’s resource gives educators the opportunity to adapt their teaching style.

14 May, 2017

I have been teaching math of finance in the college system for more than 25 years. ...
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The Margaret Sinclair award lecture at the Fields Institute - April 2017

9 May, 2017

Jean-Marie de Koninck is a Canadian mathematician and professor at Université Laval in Quebec City,...
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The quality of Vretta’s products is unmatched in the market today

27 April, 2017

Students of any learning style are benefitting informative feedback, you have THE leading learning from the dynamic integration of Vretta’s ...
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Vretta’s online lessons and labs are tools for the modern world and have great appeal for our students

16 April, 2017

Vretta’s Mathematics of Business and Finance blended resource has been the standout learning tool for our students at Seneca College....
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How to help students convert written problem-solving into mathematical language

18 February, 2017

MathemaTIC Blocks, developed with teachers and researchers, came out of the assessment that students need a hands-on approach to problem-sol...
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The Fields Institute MathEd Forum – January 2017 Meeting

27 January, 2017

The Fields MathEd Forum hosted by the Fields Institute’s Centre for Research in Mathematical Sciences is dedicated to presenting the latest ...
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Vretta Awarded Contract from the French Ministry of Education to Deploy Large-scale Assessments in France

16 January, 2017

The Division of Evaluation, Planning and Performance (DEPP) at the French Ministry of Education has awarded Vretta the contract to deploy la...
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Raising Attainment and Reducing the Equity Gap using MathemaTIC

13 November, 2016

MathemaTIC's Amina Afif and Jos Bertemes have authored an article in the 2016 Yearbook published by the Consortium of Institutions for Devel...
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Vretta Recognized in Humber's Gratitude Hall for its Commitment in Making Humber College a Great Place for Students to Learn, Grow and Thrive

7 November, 2016

Humber College, one of the largest colleges in Canada, officially unveiled its Gratitude Hall - a key area of the college dedicated to celeb...
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Improving student success in Grade 9 applied mathematics - Fields MathEd Forum

28 October, 2016

The Fields Math Education Forum October meeting focussed on a single project called the Grade 9 Applied Mathematics Collaborative Inquiry Pr...
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The Luxembourg Ministry of National Education Signs a Convention with Vretta for the Development and Generalization of MathemaTIC for Cycle 3 and Grades 7 & 8

9 October, 2016

The Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg signs a convention with Vretta to extend the develop...
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Vretta receives the learning and development award for the best use of blended learning to increase student success

6 September, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that we have received the prestigious Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning award in the ...
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Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: Experiences at ICME-13

22 August, 2016

At the end of July, I travelled to Hamburg, Germany for the 13th International Congress on Mathematics Education...
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The French Ministry of Education partners with Vretta to deploy large-scale interactive assessments

2 August, 2016

Ministries of education, across the world, share a common belief that digitization is the future direction of large-scale student assessment...
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The Luxembourg Minister Of Education, Minister Claude Meisch, Expresses His Admiration For Mathematic On Radio

12 July, 2016

During an interview on RTL Letzebuerge, Minister Claude Meisch – Minister of National Education, Children and Youth, Grand Duchy of Luxembou...
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The Prime Minister Announces that our Project makes Luxembourg an International Front-runner in Digital Learning

27 April, 2016

This is a proud moment for Vretta & all the international partners on the MathemaTIC project...
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How one teacher gets her students excited about math

23 March, 2016

During a lesson on effective interest rates, Maria Sairoglou, Professor of Business and Finance Mathematics at Seneca College, decides to pu...
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Field MathEd Forum – A Book Talk on Vital Directions in Math Education

26 February, 2016

This month, I attended the Fields Math Education Forum remotely using the live stream that was made available for the first time last month....
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A Thought-provoking Research Day at the Fields MathEd Forum

29 January, 2016

From “Connecting spatial reasoning to math learning” to “Building Thinking Classrooms”, the Research Day at the Fields Math Ed Forum was an ...
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Examining Mathematics in a Wider Context by Taking into Account all Stem Disciplines, at the Canadian Mathematical Society Conference, Montreal, Canada

6 December, 2015

The Canadian Mathematical Society is the largest conference in the country that is dedicated to mathematics and math education. ...
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Vretta has been Awarded the Contract to Implement Math Assessments & Remediation Resources to Prepare Students for Post-secondary Education

9 November, 2015

Humber College, the institution leading the implementation of the provincial Math Assessment for placement and Remediation resources, announ...
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Exchange of Ideas on Assessment Policies and Practices at the AEA-Europe conference in Glasgow, Scotland

5 November, 2015

Glasgow was the venue for the annual meeting of the Association for Educational Assessment–Europe (AEA-E) from November 4-6, 2015...
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A Life Changing Experience for Students of the Haiti Awareness Trip

22 July, 2015

We would like to express our deepest thanks to Vretta for supporting the Haiti Awareness Trip 2015...
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The Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg enters into a Partnership with Vretta to Revolutionize the way Students Learn Mathematics

23 June, 2015

Luxembourg is investing in digital learning, as part of the government’s Digital Luxembourg strategy,...
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Raising the Social Consciousness for Fanshawe College Students through the Haiti Awareness Trip

3 February, 2015

We are excited to have Vretta offer its support for the FSU Rotaract Haiti Awareness Trip 2015 (HAT’15) for participating students at Fansha...
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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for Business Mathematics

19 December, 2014

MOOCs are steadily gaining ground in the post-secondary education system. With the convenience of flexible online class times, MOOCs allow l...
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